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Nexth Hospitality increases the profitability for operators and owners of hotels & restaurants; from management and operations to asset management and advisory services.

Whether it is taking an idea from concept to realization, optimization, operation of hotels and restaurants, asset management or repurpose of buildings, we are able to offer practical help in all stages of the development of your business.



Nexth Hospitality boosts performance by covering multiple business areas to provide a complete picture to make the right decisions. Our approach helps clients achieve improved profits and exceed market expectations through learning and innovative strategies.


Some of our concepts and frameworks


Stay Tuned Hospitality with Thomas Westergaard and Nexth Hospitality with Knut Berg have partnered up due to demand, and to strengthen our ability to better service our customers. Though our companies stay independent it is a strength to have the competence to support our assignments.
Owner & Managing Director at Nexth Hospitality

Knut Berg

Knut's career in the hospitality industry began in dishwashing, and he worked his way up to become a director, following the classic hotel career path. With experience managing first-class hotels and organizations with staff ranging from 15 to 1000+, Knut is a seasoned professional. In his youth, he earned two bachelor's degrees in hotel and tourism.

Knut's experience includes working with prestigious organizations such as Radisson and Nordic Choice Hotels (NCH). During his tenure at NCH, he held various positions, including director at Clarion Hotel Stavanger and Clarion Hotel The Hub, as well as Senior Vice President of Comfort Hotels. Additionally, he worked with First and international brands such as Hyatt and Marriott during his time at Belvar in Amsterdam.

Knut has also worked as a consultant for several years, collaborating with both large and small players in the industry. He has contributed to the improvement of small independent hotels, chains, restaurants, and cruise lines.

With a genuine passion for hospitality and hotels, Knut possesses a solid understanding of operations, profitability, and strategy. His core competencies include hotel operations, hotel development, improvement work, performance improvement, and service management.

Managing Director at Stay Tuned Hospitality

Thomas Westergaard

Stay Tuned Hospitality have, due to demand, partnered up with Knut Berg and Next Hospitality to strengthen our ability to better service our customers. Though Stay Tuned Hospitality stay independent with Thomas Westergaard heading the company it is a strength to have the competence to Nexth Hospitality available to support with our assignments.
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Partner / F&B

Lavrans Gjønnes

Lavrans has extensive experience and solid knowledge in starting up and operating restaurants. Through his work, he has shown solid results in the F&B industry. After completing his hotel education, he gained experience in small and large businesses, including Dr. Holms Hotel, Herlige Stavanger Restauranter/N.B. Sørensen, Hall Toll, Tango, Clarion Hotels, and the Gastronomic Institute.

Lavrans thrives in busy environments that require attention to detail and follow-up. He takes pride in providing good experiences to guests. Although Lavrans is a "foodie," he likes to challenge established standards and think innovatively.

He has initiated, developed, and continued several concepts. Lavrans is known for his creative thinking, business understanding, and visions that provide good operation, better guest experiences, and better profitability.

Lavrans has also published several cookbooks, including "The Best Seafood...". The cookbook was named Cookbook of the Year in 2012. Lavrans is passionate about food and wine, and especially the guest's experience of it.

Core competencies: Restaurant operation, concept, F&B.


Marius Kragstad

Marius is our business developer. He has extensive experience in various industries and is highly skilled in strategy. For the past 3 years, Marius has been working on hotel business development in Europe, with a focus on Poland and Spain. He is well acquainted with and works closely with major international brands, having developed several hotel projects in collaboration with Marriott, IHG, and Hyatt.

Marius is an expert in contract negotiations and has a vast international network. If you need advice in the early stages of commercial and financial analysis, he is the man to engage.

Core competencies: business development, hotel development, contracts, and negotiations.

Digital Srategy

Rudi Clausen

Rudi har sin ekspertise i grenselandet mellom digitale løsninger og hospitality

2024 Hospitality Trends: Embracing Innovation, Personalization, and Sustainability

As the hospitality industry continues to evolve, there are several key trends that are likely to shape the industry in 2024. Here are some of the most important trends to watch for:

1. Sustainability and Eco-Innovation: Building on the momentum of previous years, the hospitality industry’s focus on sustainability will further intensify in 2024. Expect to see a surge in eco-innovation, with hotels adopting more advanced sustainable practices like zero-waste systems, renewable energy sources, and green building certifications.

2. Hyper-Personalization Through AI and Big Data: The use of artificial intelligence and big data for hyper-personalization will become more sophisticated in 2024. Hotels will leverage AI to provide highly customized experiences, from tailored room settings to personalized travel itineraries, based on guest preferences and past behavior.

3. Expanded Wellness and Mental Health Offerings: Wellness will go beyond physical health, with an increased focus on mental wellbeing. Hotels will introduce more services targeting mental health, such as mindfulness retreats, digital detox programs, and collaborations with wellness experts.

4. Integration of Metaverse Experiences: The integration of metaverse and mixed reality experiences will gain traction. Hotels will start offering virtual reality tours, augmented reality experiences for exploring local culture, and even virtual event spaces for meetings and conferences.

5. Localized and Authentic Experiences: There will be a growing demand for localized, authentic experiences. Hotels will partner with local artisans, chefs, and cultural experts to offer guests an immersive experience that truly represents the local culture and heritage.

6. Smart Room Technology Upgrades: Smart room technology will see significant upgrades. Voice-activated controls, smart mirrors, and automated personal assistants will become standard features, enhancing convenience and personalization for guests.

7. Rise of Co-Living and Hybrid Spaces: Reflecting the changing dynamics of travel and work, there will be an increase in co-living spaces and hybrid accommodations that blend hotel luxury with the comfort and flexibility of a home.

8. Culinary Innovation: Culinary experiences will become a central focus, with hotels experimenting with futuristic food technologies like lab-grown meats and plant-based cuisine, as well as interactive dining experiences.

Overall, the hospitality industry in 2024 will be marked by a blend of advanced technology, personalized experiences, and a strong commitment to sustainability and local culture. These trends are just a few of the many innovations we can anticipate in the ever-evolving landscape of hospitality. Ask us how to adapt!

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