The First Digital Chalkboard

Designed for Hospitality

Share Information With Your Customers Directly At The Table 

Who knew that a chalkboard could be so smart? Well meet the viewneo Diwa and while it looks like a regular chalkboard it is designed to help your restaurant or bar customers access information directly at the table. The viewneo Diwa is also more than just a way to display your daily specials or seasonal items. It can also:  

  • Display scannable QR codes to access menus
  • Enables contactless payment options
  • Increases table turnover
  • Helps simplify staff operations
  • Optional: Staff call buttons
  • Optional: Cash register connections to enable upselling opportunities


Your business is unique, so should your viewneo Diwa. Choose from a variety of different wood types to match your decor. Additionally, customization options include: 

  • Menu holder: Manage menus and specials with a sleek holder. 
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers: Save table space by including salt and pepper shakers directly with the viewneo Diwa. 

Branding: The viewneo Diwa can also be customized to display information about individual brands. This is a great way to incorporate sponsorship opportunities, as well as the ability to promote your own brands.