Operation of hotels & restaurants, asset management and consulting.

Nexth Management offers operation of hotels and restaurants, in addition to asset management and consulting. We cater to hotel owners, investors and developers who have interest in hotels, restaurants and hospitality assets.

We have solid experience in the hospitality space. We deliver deep expertise to our hotel partners, every day.


  • Management and Third Party Management
  • Lease

Asset management

  • Portfolio management
  • Hotel Operator search
  • Repurpose
  • Adaptive Reuse
  • Negotiation with brand and developers


  • Feasibility
  • Projects
  • Counselling
  • Hotel consultant

Turnaround management and restructuring of operations

Nexth level offers so-called “turnaround management”. We analyse operations, management, finances and the market, and then turn bad business into good business. After assessing the situation, our team will restructure and take the necessary steps to improve profitability. We leave the place ready for smooth operations and tools to ensure solid profitable operations.

We can also provide interim management and outsourcing of services. We also have several solutions within improvement and quality assurance.

  • ​Turnaround management
  • Interim management
  • Outsourcing of key roles
  • Improvement work, including “mystery shopping” and “quality assurance”

Adds new perspectives, content and profitability to “spaces & places”

 Let’s get new life into your premises! Get profitability in real estate or a place that underperforms. How can we get better profitability, what else can give better ROI? It can be purpose, concept, operation and usage.

We can help with repurpose and adaptive reuse of your premises. The change can be permanent, temporary, total or partly. Reversible concepts leave a sustainable alternative for re-use – if and when the time is right.

Top-notch service and staff doesn’t help much if you do not reach your potential customers. You need good communication and distribution. We have the right solutions.

In short; We support owners, investors and operators by analysing alternative operations and quickly suggest a new source of revenue. We change the concept or make a new one. We fill the place with good content, good operation and the right IT Tools. We assist with new, permanent or temporary concepts that can later be reversed easily. While focusing on the active, environmentally and technology-driven consumer, we define the guest journey and the total service delivery.

Premium lifestyle for seniors

Nexth Generation develops solutions and operates smart premium homes for seniors who want a good life; good health, safety and comfort. We have investors and contracts ready, and plan to check in our first guest in 2024.

Smart tools and solutions for hotels and restaurants

There are many good tools for delivering better service, getting better profitability and reducing costs.

We’ll help you choose the right ones.

From idea to reality

No one is good at everything. It is often best for founders to stick to what they’re good at, and rather collaborate with others on the other.  We help you along the way, whether you are about to start up or expanding.